Our Wines

Our wines are made by owner Ros and her daughter Perry with love and tenderness! With only 800 cases produced yearly we sell directly to our customers. Give us a call to place your order at 631-765-0004 or 631-553-9566.

Bottle of Cacklin' Rosé

2020 Cacklin’ Rosé

This Provence style rosé tastes of white peaches with a rounded acidic finish. A must for your summer outings!  Production: 148 cases. Released: 5/8/21

$21 / bottle                  $226.80 / case      $201.60 / Wine Club case

Sauvignon Blanc bottle in flowers

2020 Sauvignon Blanc “Charging Goose”

Made in a warm dry year, this unfiltered Sauvignon Blanc grapes delivers its tropical side with pineapple followed with a citrusy finish.  Crisp and palate cleansing and perfect with the local food supply. 

Production: 83 cases.  Released: 7/4/21

$25 / bottle                  $270.00 / case      $240.00 / Wine Club case

2019 Oak and Steel Chardonnay

2019 Oak and Steel Chardonnay

What makes this Chardonnay different from all of our others? We fermented 75% of it in French oak barrels leaving 25% of it in steel containers and then we bottled it without filtering, making this wine more natural in style. This medium bodies wine smells of honeysuckle while the palate tastes of ripe red apple with balanced acidity and a vanilla finish.

Production: 87 cases.  Released: 9/11/21

$23 / bottle $248.40 / case $220.80 / Wine Club Case

A bottle of 2018 Chardonnay.

2018 Chardonnay Steel and Oak

The harvest of 2018 presented us with many challenges and in the end, we opted to combine our steel and barrel fermented Chardonnays to make a delicious white wine. The wine holds the crispness of the steel and the tastiness of the barrel fermented fruit. An easy accompaniment for many meals.

Production: 315 cases.  Released: 11/1/20

$26 / bottle                  $280.80 / case      $249.60 / Wine Club case

Our 2016 Blanc de Blanc bottle out in the vineyards.

2016 Blanc de Blanc (Sparkling wine)

Made from the Chardonnay grape, this sparkling wine is meticulously handcrafted in the traditional bottle- fermented technique. The bottle then rests and develops on the yeast lees in a dark cellar, extracting complexity and nuttiness. The tiny bubbles bring forth the taste of fresh apple and minerality, while the finish leaves a slight sense of orange peel, combined with a lingering taste of spring honey. Fresh and bright, this sparkling wine is sure to make any moment memorable.

$40 / bottle                  $432.00 / case      $384.00 / Wine Club case

The Old Field, Rooster Tail Red Table Wine, Rooster, fall leaves, grass, trees, red wine


This blended wine (Merlot / Cabernet Franc) is the perfect go to wine, tasting of cherry and mulberry and ending in a spicy earthiness.

Production: 98 cases. Release Date: 9/1/21

$22 / bottle                  $237.60 / case      $211.20 / Wine Club case

bottle of 2018 Merlot next to ripe merlot grapes

2018 Merlot

100% Merlot and fermented in French oak barrels for 22 months this lighter bodied wine tastes of cherry with a peppery finish.

Production: 130 cases. Release Date: 9/11/21

$28 / bottle                  $302.40 / case      $268.80 / Wine Club case

A bottle of our 2018 Cabernet Franc with trees in the background.


This wine has dark fruit with a touch of spice backed up with soft tannins making it a great choice with many dishes.

Production: 68 cases. Release Date: 10/30/21

$35 / bottle                  $378.00 / case      $336.00 / Wine Club case

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