The Tasting Area

Summer Hours:

Friday thru Monday 11 am to 5:00 pm.

Outdoor seating / indoor when raining

Your visit:

  • No Reservations.
  • Time is limited to 75 minutes so that we can accommodate everyone.
  • Groups are limited to 6 people. We do not allow groups to break up into two different groups. This is our rule and has nothing to do with the CDC. We do have “In The Round” rentals that can accommodate groups as large as 10 people.
  • Wine tastings are served in single-use compostable cups on a single-use compostable tray.
  • Table service only.
  • Tables are at least 6 feet apart so that everyone can have their own space.
  • Picnics are welcome outdoors as long as you take your trash with you.
  • Wine by the glass and bottles ($10 corkage fee per bottle) can be purchased to enjoy here.
  • No outside alcohol
  • No toys or games are permitted.
  • No pets.

A little bit about our tasting area:

OUTDOORS: We have picnic tables and seating areas dotted around our pond for you to enjoy. Outside food is welcome in this space as long as you take your trash with you. Seating limited to a maximum of 6 people.

RAINY DAY INDOOR SEATING: We have four inside seating areas that can accommodate groups up to 4 people and an additional 3 tents on the deck that can accommodate groups up to 6. Time is limited to 1 hour. Outside food is not permitted in this area.

For those of you who would like to swing thru and do a curbside pick up, we can do that too! Just give Ros a call at 631-553-9566 during the week.


  • All staff will have a mask on at all times
  • Port-o-potties and bar will be cleaned and disinfected regularly
  • gloves will be worn when needed.