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During April we are open for tastings on weekends (Except for Easter Weekend, where we are open Friday and Saturday).  Our tasting prices run anywhere from $6.00 to $15.00 depending on what flight you would like.  Or purchase a glass ($9.00 to $15.00) of wine or bottle ($19.00 to $50.00) to enjoy in our cozy tasting barn.  If you would like to purchase wines on days that we are closed, please call us at 631-765-0004,   and we can meet you at the barn to help you. Because of our small tasting barn we limit our groups to 6.


 VINEYARD CLASS: Next class Saturday, April 27th

Join Perry out in the fields for an in-depth hands on class about viticulture. Class meets every two weeks. $15 /person per class

Vineyard Class

Vineyards in late spring with clover flowers and rows of grapevines.